mcs_profile1Eric Jacobson, Executive Director and Lead Instructor
Eric is in charge of MCS and teaching its weekly classes. He is an accomplished dance instructor specializing in technique, partnership, and musicality. He is well-known for his fun, engaging teaching style and his articulate, detailed instruction. Eric has been dancing since the winter of 2000, when he learned lindy hop, ballroom, and latin. Two years later he learned West Coast Swing and quickly moved up the ranks. Today he is an All Star competitor known for his technique, connection, and musicality. As a teacher, he emphasizes a strong foundation in movement and partnership while taking innovative approaches to developing students’ communication and musical interpretation skills. Eric is proud to be a part of Mission City Swing and loves watching people come together to dance, grow, and have fun! You can learn more about Eric – plus contact him about private lessons and read his blog – over at

AnnieAnnie Lockmiller, Education Program Manager
Annie began dancing at Mission City Swing during the summer of 2015. She had previously studied International Ballroom and Lindy Hop, as well as dabbling in a handful of other social dances. But she quickly fell in love with the smooth, musical, adaptable style of West Coast Swing and never looked back. Annie soon began assisting at Mission City Swing and learning concepts of teaching and critical feedback. She helped found a West Coast Swing club at her university, where she learned more about managing class programs and teaching large groups. Mission City has become a special community to her and one of the places she feels most at home. Annie is excited to continue her involvement in this community by furthering the development of its educational programs.

KathleenKathleen Sun, Volunteer Manager
Kathleen has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2016. She started off as a Lindy Hopper in 2012 and transitioned over to WCS when she discovered Jordan & Tatiana’s Classic routines. She admired both the smooth aesthetic and versatility of the dance. Mission City Swing has been like a second home to her and she’s excited to be able to support the growing community. Kathleen currently oversees a dedicated group of volunteers that work each week to create a welcoming and positive environment for everyone!

LunaLuna Ruan, Community Manager
Luna has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2015, when she stumbled into Mission City Swing. She has served as a volunteer, helping with registration and community building. She is excited to now lead efforts to nurture and grow our community of dancers. In her spare time she likes reading poems, playing board games with friends, and telepathically harmonizing with others’ pets.




MaggieMaggie Moreno, Operations Manager
Maggie is the queen of all things tech! If your questions starts with “How do I…” or ends with “…isn’t working”, she can help you answer it. Maggie has been dancing since late 2016. West coast swing is her first partner dance, and Mission City Swing is where she started. She feels that dancing, and especially social dancing, has been a huge life improvement for her, and she credits Mission City Swing community for this overwhelmingly positive experience. This is her dance home, and, as a member of the leadership team, she is excited and grateful to be able to give back to a community that has given her so much.