Eric Jacobson, aka The Big Cheese, The Head Honcho, The Beast
mcs_profile1Eric Jacobson is an accomplished dance instructor specializing in technique, partnership, and musicality. He is well-known for his fun, engaging teaching style and his articulate, detailed instruction.

Eric has been dancing since the winter of 2000, when he learned lindy hop, ballroom, and latin. Two years later he learned West Coast Swing and quickly moved up the ranks. He has not only mastered technique, connection, and partner communication, but he also brings an innate sense of musicality and soul to his dancing. Eric is acclaimed for his innovative and flexible teaching style and his ability to effectively communicate with all kinds of students. While he emphasizes a strong foundation in technique and partnership, he always infuses important aspects of the social nature of swing into his lessons, including musicality, improvisation, and especially communication.

When not dancing, Eric loves to hike, see movies, play tennis, eat good food, drink California’s amazing wines, and daydream about being Spider-Man.

You can learn more about Eric – plus contact him about private lessons and read his blog – over at