Leadership Team

mcs_profile1Eric Jacobson, Executive Director and Lead Instructor
Eric founded Mission City Swing and oversees all operations and programming. He is an accomplished dance instructor specializing in technique, partnership, and musicality. He is well-known for his fun, engaging teaching style and his articulate, detailed instruction. Eric has been dancing since the winter of 2000, when he learned lindy hop, ballroom, and latin. Two years later he learned West Coast Swing and quickly moved up the ranks. Today he is an All Star competitor known for his technique, connection, and musicality. As a teacher, he emphasizes a strong foundation in movement and partnership while taking innovative approaches to developing students’ communication and musical interpretation skills. Eric is proud to be a part of Mission City Swing and loves watching people come together to dance, grow, and have fun! He also co-hosts a weekly podcast about West Coast Swing called The Naked Truth: Real Talk about West Coast Swing. You can learn more about Eric – plus contact him about private lessons and read his blog – over at

AnnieAnnie Lockmiller, Education Program Manager
Annie began dancing at Mission City Swing during the summer of 2015. She had previously studied International Ballroom and Lindy Hop, as well as dabbling in a handful of other social dances. But she quickly fell in love with the smooth, musical, adaptable style of West Coast Swing and never looked back. Annie soon began assisting at Mission City Swing and learning concepts of teaching and critical feedback. She helped found a West Coast Swing club at her university, where she learned more about managing class programs and teaching large groups. Mission City has become a special community to her and one of the places she feels most at home. Annie is excited to continue her involvement in this community by furthering the development of its educational programs and teaching its classes.

KathleenKathleen Sun, Volunteer Manager
Kathleen has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2016. She started off as a Lindy Hopper in 2012 and transitioned over to WCS when she discovered Jordan & Tatiana’s Classic routines. She admired both the smooth aesthetic and versatility of the dance. Mission City Swing has been like a second home to her and she’s excited to be able to support the growing community. Kathleen currently oversees a dedicated group of volunteers that work each week to create a welcoming and positive environment for everyone!


MaggieMaggie Moreno, Operations and Finance Manager
Maggie is the queen of all things tech! If your questions starts with “How do I…” or ends with “…isn’t working”, she can help you answer it. Maggie has been dancing since late 2016. West coast swing is her first partner dance, and Mission City Swing is where she started. She feels that dancing, and especially social dancing, has been a huge life improvement for her, and she credits Mission City Swing community for this overwhelmingly positive experience. This is her dance home, and, as a member of the leadership team, she is excited and grateful to be able to give back to a community that has given her so much.

MWMelissa Weinisch, Community Manager
Melissa has always loved dancing. “First on the dance floor- Last on the dance floor” has been a long-time motto of hers. She may be famous on the Wedding/Bar Mitzvah dance floor scene. In October of 2017 a friend invited her to check out MCS and that was that. West Coast Swing was her first dive into learning dance (outside of her years of childhood tap/jazz/and ballet, but let’s be real…that was all about TuTu’s and tap shoes…she had no idea what she was doing). She loves how accessible West Coast Swing is while still being such a technical and precise dance. Melissa is passionate about building community and having fun, she believes that people are a gift and getting to celebrate and enjoy life with them is part of makes life so incredible. She is excited to be able to do that with and for the amazing people that make up the Mission City Swing community.

MLMelissa Liao, Marketing Manager
Melissa has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2018, after being amazed by a westie on the dancefloor at fusion! She then visited Mission City Swing and fell in love with the dance and the community. She oversees external communications and social media for Mission City Swing (so yes, that’s her laughing in the videos). If you want to be featured in the Instagram, promote an event, or share something hilarious, go talk to her! When she’s not dancing, she’s busy nerding out over video games and traveling.



ChantelleChantelle Pianetta
Chantelle is both a Champion West Coast Swing dancer and a professional ballerina. She began her dance training at age 5 at the Contra Costa Ballet Centre and later at the School of American Ballet in NYC. Chantelle discovered and quickly fell in love with swing dance through the CU Swing Club while she was a student at Columbia University. In 2010, she decided to pursue dance full-time and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, where she has been dancing and teaching professionally ever since. In 2015, she began competing regularly in the WCS circuit, rising from Novice to All-Star in a year and a half and then to Champion two years later. Between ballet seasons, she travels around the world for WCS with her Showcase and teaching partner Dillon Luther. Chantelle became a member of the MCS teaching staff in Fall 2019. She is delighted to have the opportunity to share her love of dance with her hometown community.

dillonchantelle-e1565397136184.jpgDillon Luther
Dillon began dancing West Coast Swing in Arizona in 2014. Shortly after, he moved to the Bay Area, where he began to fall in love with the dance. Growing up, he was heavily involved in athletics and acrobatics, and he has played just about every sport at one point or another. Dillon took his first dance class in high school, thanks to inspiration from his little sister, and since then has always had a passion for combining music and movement. He has been a consistent student and social dancer at Bay Area dances (including MCS, where he first took lessons), and he now competes at the All Star level. His dance partner is Chantelle Pianetta, and they travel all over teaching, competing, and performing showcase at WCS conventions in the US and abroad. Dillon couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the MCS teaching staff and share what he has learned with the community that continues to give him so much!

KathleenKathleen Sun
Kathleen began dancing West Coast Swing in 2016. While her dance background stems from ballet and figure skating, her swing dancing roots originate from Lindy Hop, which she started in 2012. When she moved to San Francisco in 2016, Kathleen fell in love with the smooth aesthetic and versatility of WCS. Since then, she has competed at both local and national events. Mission City Swing has been a second home to her and she’s excited to be a part of the MCS teaching staff and spread her love for WCS!

PeterPeter Yin
Peter began swing dancing in college with the West Philly Swingers Lindy Hop troupe at the University of Pennsylvania. His West Coast Swing journey began when he moved to San Francisco and decided to come to Mission City Swing for the first time in February 2016. He quickly fell in love with the music, connection, and community. Outside of work, Peter is a Software Engineer at Zymergen, and enjoys learning new things and deep conversations. Peter started teaching at MCS in the Fall of 2019 and is excited to share the joy of dancing with the community.

JodieJodie Tarpo
Jodie began attending Mission City Swing in 2017, shortly after moving to the Bay Area from Santa Barbara, CA. She began dancing though her ballroom dance club in college, where she competed in Latin, Standard, and the various “Nightclub” dances, which included salsa, bachata, hustle, Lindy hop, and even west coast swing. Ask her to see a video of what her west coast swing looked like back in those days, if you’re in the mood for comedy. Jodie loves the fun, playful personality of west coast swing as well as the versatility of styles within the dance itself. She has received so much support through the MCS community, and is excited for the opportunity to give back to the community by sharing knowledge and encouragement.

SelinaSelina Her
Selina accidentally fell in love with partner dancing freshman year at Stanford when a friend made her enroll in a social dance class. One night out dancing, a pop song happened to play, and an incredibly sassy-but-classy couple doing a dance she didn’t recognize caught her eye. Spoiler: it was West Coast Swing. ~2 years later: Selina’s super excited to be spreading the joy and practice of WCS, transferring skills from teaching the classical harp and social dance. Like for many others, this dance has helped boost her confidence and happiness, and Mission City has become her second home—come check it out! When she’s not dancing/thinking about dance, you can find Selina doing other artsy things like drawing (@missherdesign) or playing her harp.



alyssa-glanville.jpgAlyssa Glanville
Alyssa has been dancing West Coast Swing for over a decade. She is a big fan of Mission City Swing and loves seeing how the community has grown and flourished. While she is primarily known for her teaching across the globe, when she’s home in San Francisco, she loves to come out to groove with the friendly MCS crew. As an audiophile, Alyssa finds dope music everywhere and looks forward to introducing dancers to new grooves and reminding them of old classics. You can also check out her regular DJ lists on Spotify, or her DJ instagram, @DJLysstenUp.

connie-wang.jpgConnie Wang
Connie began dancing West Coast Swing in 2013, and although she had no dance experience and little talent, the friendly and welcoming community quickly captured her heart. She finds that Mission City Swing really embodies the passion for learning and growth, as well as the warm, open vibe that she loves about this dance. Connie has been DJing at MCS since 2016. Her favorite styles of music to dance to include late-nighty-gooey stuff, really dramatic songs, and overly slow songs with plenty of time for experimentation!

Peter YinPeter Yin
Peter had been dancing Lindy Hop for four years when he decided to come to Mission City Swing for the first time in February 2016. The music, partnership, and connection of this dance drew him in, and the friendly community and collaborative energy to improve swept him away. Peter has been DJing at MCS since late 2017 and loves the chance to create a great night of dancing with great music.


raymond-byun.jpgRaymond Byun
Raymond Byun, a.k.a. Ray Ray or Sugar Ray, is a Bay Area All Star dancer and DJ. He started on the local scene (including Mission City Swing) and now DJs across the country, sharing his love of music. Ray’s favorite genres include 90s Pop and R&B, Funk, and Hip Hop.



taylor-banfield.jpgTaylor Banfield
Taylor has been dancing West Coast Swing for four years. She started her love and obsession for the dance in Austin, Texas. Not long after, she realized she had an interest in DJing. From there she continued to take every opportunity to play the tunes to keep people engaged and on the floor. Now she loves living in San Francisco, and having the opportunity to dance her and around the country. Her favorite part of Djing is the “conversation” you get to have with everyone in the room. It’s a conversation without words between the DJ and the dancers.