The next series of classes starts on May 11th! Our classes are leveled and progressive– we only take new students at the beginning of a series, and all classes above Fundamentals require an audition. Audition videos can be sent to

A Quick Summary:

  • We’re restructuring and revising levels and syllabi.
  • Fundamentals and Level 2 are moving to a 6 week model.
  • For Level 2 and 3 we will ask you to audition. Don’t worry, it’s not meant to be scary!
  • To sign up, please fill out this Google Form
  • Prices can be found here.

Going forward, there will be some major changes to the class structure at Mission City Swing! While we will continue to have the same class levels as before (Fundamentals, Level 2 and Level 3), the syllabus and duration of each of these classes has been revamped. We have worked on the new syllabus to make it more streamlined and create a stronger sense of progression.

Outlined below is the first iteration of this new class structure. We will continue to iterate on the structure as we get feedback from students.


The introductory level of classes, intended for beginner west coast swing dancers. Also great for helping refine the basics for those who have been dancing for a while but haven’t taken too many formal lessons. It will cover basic west coast swing patterns and technique. Students will also have ample opportunity for 1:1 feedback.

  • Time: 8-9pm on Wednesdays
  • Two sessions of a six-week progressive series (instead of 3 month-long series in the past). Students must join in the first week of each series and pay upfront for the entire series. A more detailed class syllabus can be found here.

Level 2

The next level of classes, intended for dancers with a solid grasp of the basics, is aimed at leveling up dancers and introducing a wide array of more advanced techniques. It will cover topics such as six-count variations, refining connection, turns and preps, countering in open and closed, rhythm and musicality, and more!

  • Time: 7-8pm on Wednesdays
  • Four sessions of a 6-week progressive series. Students must join in the first week of each series and pay upfront for the entire series.
  • Will include practice/feedback sessions in weeks 3 and 6, so that students can ask more detailed questions, and get personalized feedback if they are struggling with any of the content.
  • Requires audition to join. There will be rolling auditions for the 2-3 weeks before each round of level 2 begins.
  • Students should be comfortable with the following basics: left side pass, under-arm turn (right side pass), sugar push, sugar tuck, passing tuck, inside turn, free spin and whip. Students should also demonstrate proficiency in basic west coast swing technique.

Level 3

Advanced (though not necessarily in a WSDC sense!) classes intended for experienced dancers. Level 3 aims to develop individual dancers into their dance potential with a diverse range of concepts, drills, and applications that will change over time as the class develops. We intend to push dancers outside of their comfort zones and expand their dance.

  • Time: 7-8pm on Wednesdays
  • Requires audition to join. Auditions for level 3 will be available upon request.
  • Students should be very comfortable with the basics and demonstrate proficiency in more advanced Level 2 connection, pattern-work, musicality, and styling.

We are really excited to test out this new progressive structure with 6-week commitments and are hoping that it will create a stronger sense of having a cohort of students that you are learning and progressing with.

If you are interested in taking any of these classes, please sign up using this google form:


All students seeking to take the level 2 or 3 classes are required to audition, even if you have been in those classes before. There are two options for auditioning: 1) you can take a video of you dancing West Coast Swing with a partner (either a social dance or comp video is fine – try and include all the basics if possible) and send it to, or 2) you can audition in person (dates and times TBD). Since our in-person audition space and times tend to be limited, we strongly prefer audition videos.

More details will be sent out via email a week or two before the classes begin.

We are excited to see you all in class!