WCS Fundamentals for All Levels

8:00-9:00 PM

Mastering any dance requires a solid understanding of its fundamentals – the proper technique and mechanics to make it work. This class is designed for new dancers and experienced dancers alike, delving into common patterns with a focus on body mechanics, partnership, connection, and movement. We will explore passes, pushes, whips, and variations on those patterns, ensuring that they can be done well, easily, and comfortably for both partners. Each week we will also explore a different concept, including extension, compression, lead/follow, and frame. The goal is to set you on the path to being the person everyone wants to dance with!

PLEASE NOTE: This is a three-month progressive series that starts the first Wednesday of each month. You may take the three months (A, B, C) in any order, but you must take all three twice before moving into the Intermediate Class. Because each month is a progressive syllabus, enrollment will only be allowed in the first two weeks of the month (those joining the second week will have to catch up). Those new to West Coast Swing will still be eligible for a discount on their first month.


And hey, once you have placed out of this class, you may continue to take it for free. (Why? Because we want you to keep working on your fundamentals, and we want you to dance and socialize with our new students and make them feel welcome.)

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