Special Announcement


Starting in October, we are revamping our Fundamentals Class, making it into a three-month program. The goal of this change is to offer more to our beginner students – more technique, more concepts, more patterns, and more time to absorb it all. We believe this is best for developing a solid foundation of WCS and preparing students for the Intermediate Class.

We will rotate through three progressive month-long syllabi (A, B, C) that will teach different patterns and content while reinforcing common techniques and concepts. Students may take these three months in any order, but they should take the whole three-month program at least twice before moving into the Intermediate Class.

In order to offer more content in each month, we will building each week off the previous, and doing less review at the start of class. In accordance with this approach, we are only allowing enrollment in class during the first two weeks of each month. Students who join the second week will have to catch up on what they missed in the first week. Those new to West Coast Swing can still try one night for $5 and they are eligible for half-off a monthly pass should they choose to sign up for the month.

We’re excited to roll out a new program that will help students develop critical skills and expand their repertoire so they can excel at West Coast Swing!

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask us in person, via Facebook, or through our website. See you soon!