MCS Swing Seminar – May 18-19



She’s coming back! Champion West Coast Swing dancer and instructor Brandi Guild is returning to MCS for another weekend of learning and dancing. She will cover new material that you will not want to miss!

Brandi is one of the best teachers in WCS, teaching intensives solo and with Robert Royston around the country and internationally. We are SOO excited to have her back to work with our community in San Francisco. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

These workshops will be focused on concepts and techniques rather than patterns, offering material and insights for both roles. The All Levels Seminar will build on the concepts and techniques taught last fall with a focus on connection. The Advanced/All Star Seminar will focus on competition strategies.

We will be limiting workshop attendance to ensure there is sufficient room for participants, so be sure to register in advance!


Saturday afternoon – May 18th
1:15-1:30    Check in, register, and warm up
1:30-5:45    All Levels Seminar*

Saturday evening – May 18th
7:15-7:30    Check in
7:30-8:30    Q&A with Brandi**
8:30-12:00  Social dancing

Sunday afternoon – May 19th
1:00-1:30   Check in, register, and warm up
1:30-5:45   Advanced/All Star Seminar***

*  All participants of the All Levels workshops must be familiar and comfortable with West Coast Swing basics and fundamentals. MCS students must pass out of WCS Fundamentals before taking these workshops.
**  Open to all! Come join us for an insightful conversation with one of the best!
***  The Advanced/All Star Seminar is for higher level competitors. You must have WSDC points that qualify you to compete at the Advanced level or higher, or permission from Eric, to register and attend.


(by May 15th / at the door)

All Levels Pass
– All Levels Seminar on Saturday afternoon
– Saturday night “Fireside” Chat
– Admission to the Saturday night dance
$89 / $109

Advanced/All Star Pass
– Advanced/All Star Seminar on Sunday afternoon
– Saturday night “Fireside” Chat
– Admission to the Saturday night dance
– All Levels Seminar (must sign up at registration – look for the Add-On!)
$89 / $109

Full-time student (must show valid ID)
$80 / $95

Saturday Night Chat + Dance (at the door only)
$20 ($15 full-time students)

Saturday Night Dance Only (at the door only)
$10 ($5 full-time students)

Register online now!

Pre-register at MCS via cash, credit, or ApplePay

NOTE: Snacks provided during seminars. Included with registration.


Brandi Tobias is a world-renowned dancer, teacher, coach, and choreographer who specializes in West Coast Swing. Brandi holds titles in Country/Western, International 10 Dance, and West Coast Swing. However, it is West Coast Swing that has captured her heart. An active competitor, she travels the globe teaching, judging, and performing. She is known as one of the top technicians in the world and has the pleasure of sharing her knowledge with dancers of all levels.

For more information, visit her website at