MCS Swing Seminar – September 21-22



Join us for a weekend of learning, dancing, and fun with two of the very best in West Coast Swing – several-time US Open champions, Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake! We are so excited to bring these two stellar dancers, instructors, and people to MCS!

These workshops will be focused on concepts and techniques rather than patterns, offering material and insights for both roles. The All Levels Seminar will cover legwork and footwork, flow and flight, and high/low swing. The Advanced/All Star Seminar will focus on techniques and competition strategies.

We will be limiting workshop attendance to ensure there is sufficient room for participants, so be sure to register in advance!


Saturday afternoon – September 21st
1:15-1:45    Check in, register, and warm up
1:45-5:45    All Levels Seminar*

Saturday evening – September 21st
7:15-7:30    Check in
7:30-8:30    Intermediate Workshop with Kyle & Sarah**
8:30-12:00  Social dancing

Sunday afternoon – September 22nd
1:30-1:45   Check in, register, and warm up
1:45-5:45   Advanced/All Star Seminar***

*  All participants of the All Levels workshops must be familiar and comfortable with West Coast Swing basics and fundamentals. MCS students must pass out of WCS Fundamentals before taking these workshops.
**  Open to all!
***  The Advanced/All Star Seminar is for higher level competitors. You must have WSDC points that qualify you to compete at the Advanced level or higher, or permission from Eric, to register and attend.


(by September 18th / at the door)

All Levels Pass
– All Levels Seminar on Saturday afternoon
– Saturday night workshop
– Admission to the Saturday night dance
$89 / $109

Advanced/All Star Pass
– Advanced/All Star Seminar on Sunday afternoon
– Saturday night workshop
– Admission to the Saturday night dance
– All Levels Seminar (must sign up at registration – look for the Add-On!)
$89 / $109

Full-time student (must show valid ID)
$80 / $95

Saturday Night Workshop + Dance (at the door only)
$20 ($15 full-time students)

Saturday Night Dance Only (at the door only)
$10 ($5 full-time students)


We are sold out of All Levels Passes for leaders. Followers may register at the door.

We still have Advanced/All Star Passes available for purchase at the door.

NOTE: Snacks provided during seminars. Included with registration.


Kyle Redd and Sarah Vann Drake hold 11 US Open titles and they are the only couple to hold US Open Swing Dance Championship titles in both the Showcase and Classic Divisions. As a partnership, they have been teaching, competing, performing, judging and choreographing all over the world for over 20 years.

This innovative couple loves what they do and it shows every time they step on the floor. They have performed 24 West Coast Swing Routines all over the world and are constantly driving to evolve style while strengthening technique. Kyle and Sarah are best known for their ability to teach their innovative style while preserving the fundamental roots of West Coast Swing.

For more information, visit their website at