Welcome to Mission City Swing!

We have dances every Wednesday night at the Polish Club in San Francisco!

Details for the next Wednesday dance: May 24th

For new and returning MCS students, this is the second week of the May/June 6-week class series! Our classes are progressive, and we do not allow drop-ins beyond the first week unless you have our explicit approval.

Our next series starts on June 28th. More info about our classes can be found on our website https://missioncityswing.com/classes/

As a reminder, masks are required for our Wednesday night classes (L2, L3 and Fundamentals), but they are not required for our social dance (9pm to midnight). We encourage everyone to make the best choices possible based on their acceptable risk level, but please do not come to our classes or dance if you are sick.

Dance Reminders:

  • Classes are from 7-9pm (L2 & L3 at 7-8pm, Fundamentals at 8-9pm) and the dance is held from 9pm-midnight.
  • N95/KN95/KF94 masks are required for classes.
  • The (very small) parking lot is reserved for staff and volunteers until 8:45pm.

Please bring a water bottle! We will have some cups at the dance, but they will be limited.

Prices: https://missioncityswing.com/event-tickets/

🎶 DJ: Ray Byun 🎶

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Parking Lot Update 2022-06-28

Hi friends! As we all know, the parking lot at the Polish Club is ✨ quite small  (about 6 spaces). Now that MCS classes and dances have ramped back up to pre-2020 attendance levels, we have noticed an uptick in dancers arriving at the Polish Club early and parking in the parking lot before the staff arrive.

We love that folks want to spend time with us before the MCS doors officially open, but when staff have to spend extra time finding parking, it delays our class and dance start times.

For this reason, we are trying a new policy of reserving the parking lot for staff and volunteers until 8:45pm.

We hope that, because the parking lot is so small and usually fills up by 7pm anyway, this will not negatively affect very many people.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to keep Mission City Swing running as smoothly as possible. See you Wednesday!

❤️ MCS Leadership Team