Welcome to Mission City Swing!

Details for the next dance: June 29th

Hey friends! Come join us for our next dance this Wednesday!

For new and returning MCS students, we are in *second week* of the 4th session of our new 6-week series classes! Our classes are progressive, and we do not allow drop-ins beyond the first week unless you have our explicit approval. The next series starts on August 3rd. To learn more about our classes and get on the mailing list, check out our website! https://missioncityswing.com/classes-new-in-february-2022/

Masks are required for classes and the social dance until 10:30pm. At that time, we make an announcement that the dance is mask optional for the rest of the night. This policy has been going well over the past 6 weeks and we have not had a big uptick in COVID cases within our community, so we are continuing the half-masked policy indefinitely, until future notice!

Dance Reminders:

  • Classes are from 7-9pm (L2 & L3 at 7-8pm, Fundamentals at 8-9pm) and the dance is held from 9pm-midnight.
  • Full vaccination required. Booster or a negative COVID test also required.
  • N95/KN95/KF94 masks are required for classes and the social dance until 10:30pm. We have disposable ones at the door if you need them.

Please bring a water bottle! We will have some cups at the practice session, but they will be limited.

Important details

  • Class times: L2 & L3 at 7-8pm, Fundamentals at 8-9pm
  • Dance: 9pm-midnight
  • Location: Polish Club
  • Day: June 29, 2022

Prices: https://missioncityswing.com/event-tickets/

🎶 DJs: Jodie Tarpo and Ray Byun 🎶

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New mask policy @ MCS starting May 11th

Based on community feedback and the results of our poll, the Mission City Swing Leadership Team has decided to adjust our mask requirements in the following ways:

  • Classes 😷: Masks[0] will continue to be required for classes for the foreseeable future.
  • First half of dance 😷: Masks will be required for the first half of the social dance, until 10:30pm.
  • Second half of dance 😊: At 10:30pm, we will make an announcement that masks are optional. After that point, dance attendees may remove their masks if they so choose.

This new mask policy will begin on May 11th, aligning with the start of the next 6-week class series. The Leadership Team is considering this policy change a trial run, and we will be reconsidering the half-masked policy after the May 11th class series.

During these next 6 weeks, the Leadership Team will continue to monitor the COVID situation in San Francisco and the Bay Area and may make adjustments to this policy as we see fit. We also request that dancers continue to message us if they test positive for COVID as we still want to let the community know about potential transmission.

Thank you all for your feedback and patience as we navigate the challenges of the ever-evolving COVID landscape.

❤️ MCS Leadership Team

[0] “Masks” will continue to mean N95/KN95/KF94 disposable masks. MCS will continue to keep a limited supply of KN95s at the door.